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fibromyalgia or lupus
Fibromyalgia, Lupus

Is fibromyalgia lupus?

Diagnosis Dilemma: Fibromyalgia or Lupus? One of the most frustrating aspects of having any chronic, incurable disease is the diagnosis process. Patients don’t want to hear words like “may” or “could be.” Most patients find that knowing the exact diagnosis is preferable to uncertainty. Begin the Diagnosis Process. According to […]

What causes fibromyalgia to flare up

What causes fibromyalgia to flare up?

How to Escape Fibro Flare Up Triggers About a year ago, shortly after I turned 50, my doctor told me that I may have fibromyalgia. I was experiencing joint pains, brain fog, and fatigue, but I tested negative for RH. When I asked him FM could be causing some other […]