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green tea before bed

Why Drinking Green Tea Before Bed Is a Wise Choice

Green tea has turned into a popular drink inside the United States. According to The Tea Association of the U.S.A., of the 84 billion servings of tea consumed in the country in 2017, 13 percent of them were glasses of green tea. It’s true that green tea still lags significantly behind […]

best time of day to take ashwagandha

Why Should You Have Ashwagandha At The Right Time

Traditional remedies for various kinds of conditions have existed since the early days of civilization. Back then, the lack of technology-led man towards wanting to understand the interactions that different components of nature have with human bodies. Through trial and error, early man was able to develop a number of […]

cramps but no period

Cramps But No Period? Here are the Causes

Many women get cramping and pelvic pain, but the reason can’t always be blamed for your period. It could be that you’re constipated, developed a cyst, pregnant, or pray not you have cancer. Period pains can attack you at any time, even if it’s not the time of the month […]

high testosterone levels in women

Women and High Testosterone – What Can We Do?

What are these things called hormones? You can think of hormones as interdepartmental email, i.e., a system that delivers messages among the internal parts of your body. The word hormone is derived from the Greek work impetus, which means the force that makes something happen–hormones make things happen, like puberty, […]