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What foods can you eat when you have gestational diabetes

Gestational Diabetes: What’s on the Menu?

Gestational diabetes is a condition pregnancy can induce in women which causes high blood sugar. This high blood sugar can contribute to potential health issues for both the mother and the baby. According to the┬áCenters for Disease Control, diabetes affects between two and ten percent of pregnancies in the United […]

foods to avoid when you have multiple sclerosis

What Not to Eat If You Have Multiple Sclerosis?

How Nutrition Can Benefit your MS INTRO A diagnosis of MS can be overwhelming, particularly with all of the new information to process. Beyond medications, physical therapy treatments, and other healthcare-related appointments, patients often wonder if there is anything they can be doing in their day-to-day lives to control the […]

Top 3 Foods That Cause Fibromyalgia Flare Ups

Fibromyalgia Diet: 3 Foods That Cause Fibro Flares

As the sun caresses the morning horizon, millions of Americans wake to the stark reality of chronic pain. While many start their day with a rested mind and rejuvenated body, those with fibromyalgia (FM) face yet another day of pain and fatigue. The Brazilian Journal of Rheumatology reports 6.4 percent of the […]

Foods to Avoid When You Have Lupus

What Foods to Avoid When You Have Lupus?

Foods to Avoid When You Have Lupus Though lupus is a chronic, life-long disease, altering your diet to prevent the development of other associated health problems is one excellent way of controlling your lupus symptoms and preventing flares. The scarcity of conclusive information available for a specialized lupus diet remains […]

Blueberries for healthy liver

What are the Best and Worst Foods for Your Liver

Your liver is a vital organ to your body. In fact, it’s in charge or producing proteins, storing vitamin, among other essential tasks, such as breaking down toxins in your body. However, it’s imperative that we keep this organ sound and healthy. To do this, here are a few of […]