is muscle weakness a symptom of fibromyalgia

Does Fibromyalgia Cause Muscle Weakness?

Fibromyalgia is a frustrating illness that afflicts many people in this country. With this illness, you might find that your muscles are so weak that it is hard to carry out regular everyday activities. Read on for more information regarding this disorder. For an informative video on YouTube, see the following. […]

Essential Oils for Fibromyalgia

9 Anti-Inflammatory Essential Oils For Fibromyalgia

Many people suffer from fibromyalgia. In fact, according to WebMD, approximately 5.8 million Americans suffer from fibromyalgia. The condition is characterized by sleep, fatigue, memory, and mood issues, according to the Mayo Clinic. Sufferers also oftentimes experience irritable bowel syndrome, tension headaches, anxiety, and depression. Researchers are not entirely certain as to […]

fibromyalgia symptoms in men

What You Need to Know About Fibromyalgia in Men

Mention fibromyalgia and most people automatically associate the condition with women. Even in the medical community, some are slow to link symptoms to a fibromyalgia diagnosis if the patient is male. The truth is, not only do men suffer from this condition, they should also be aware of some special […]