Chronic Pain

Knee Instability

Knee Instability: The Problem and How to Prevent It

Introduction If you have knee problems, then you understand that shaky, unstable feeling. Knee instability may feel like your knees could give way, or they might actually pop out of place from time to time. Either way, the pain involved is not too much fun. What Is Knee Instability? Knee […]

forearm pain

Bone Structure View Solves Mysteries of Forearm Pain

Your forearms are active in a wide variety of common arm and hand movements that you perform daily. This is because the bones forming the structure of the forearm, the radius,¬†and the ulna bones, extend throughout the forearm length and join at the wrist. For this reason, according to experts […]

Radiating Pain

Radiating Pain: What It Is and How You Can Alleviate It Now

When you experience severe radiating pain, it always grabs your attention. Hip pain and back pain can be particularly troublesome, resulting in severe pain when walking, bending and even during sleep. One of the most common causes of such pain is damage to the sciatic nerve. The resulting pain from […]